22 July 2016
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22 July 2016,

A major component of increasing your business’s search engine visibility and page ranking lies in its content. If your site is not producing fresh content on a regular basis, search engines will slow their pace of indexing your content, which will drop your search engine ranking for your keywords.

While producing content is a vital part of boosting (or even maintaining) your rank on the major search engines, fresh content by itself is not enough. You must also let your customers know that you have new content available.

Here are some key factors to consider when producing new content.

Choose the Right Topic

When many business owners create content for their site, they tend to think in terms of what will benefit the business, rather than what their customers actually want to see. An important question to ask before selecting a topic would be, “If I were in my customer’s shoes, what would make me want to do business with this company?”

Choose the Right Content Type

As search engines become more sophisticated, they can find search terms in different types of content. Most business websites have blogs that include text, photos, and the occasional video clip. This approach covers all the bases, but you may also think about if your business would reach more customers with video demonstrations, rather than a 1,000-word blog entry.

Focus on Quality

While search engines do rely on regularly-scheduled content updates when updating their page rankings, you don’t want to boost your visibility at the cost of content quality. The only result that produces is that your low-quality content becomes highly visible, which will inevitably reflect badly on your site. Instead, take the time to develop high-quality content (blogs, photos, videos, etc.) that offers unique and useful information.

Use SEO Techniques

Methods to optimize your content for search engines are not limited to keywords within the text of a blog entry. You can also include keywords in the meta tags of your photos and videos. While you want to include as many keywords as possible, the practice of “keyword spamming”, or including the same keyword multiple times within a piece of content, can earn you a penalty from the search engines.

Promote! Promote! Promote!

All of these methods, while highly useful, will not get the job done without some serious promotional efforts. You must promote your new content on your social media channels, as well as through your offline advertising and marketing strategies. Press releases, paid advertising, and other conventional marketing methods can boost your content’s visibility to a wider audience.

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