11 March 2016
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11 March 2016,

Content creation has evolved into one of the key factors in any successful online marketing campaign. Fresh, relevant content gives users information they can use, and supplies search engines with the data they crave. While creating new and interesting content can help a business website climb the search engine rankings ladder, content creation alone is not enough.

Why Content Marketing?

Just as the development of a new website requires a marketing strategy to attract visitors, so does the content within that site. The purpose of content creation is for users to read it, but first they have to find it. A solid content marketing strategy can give businesses the tools they need to attract users to that content, establish their expertise in their industries, and bring in more customers.

Content Marketing and Social Media

One of the biggest (and most affordable) avenues for promoting website content is through social media channels. The relationship between content marketing and social media can create a “force multiplier” effect. Readers find out about content through the company’s Facebook page, Twitter feed, or other channels. Those readers will then include links to the company’s content on their social media outlets, driving even more traffic to the content.

Content and SEO

While more companies are moving their marketing efforts away from SEO and toward social media outlets, these businesses ignore the power of SEO at their own peril. Google alone handles more than 6 billion search requests every day, so a strong SEO strategy for content marketing is practically a necessity. Search engines are constantly crawling for quality content, so the creation of content with SEO methods in mind can be a huge advantage.

Content Marketing Indicators

How does a business know when their content marketing strategies are working to their fullest potential? The measure of any content marketing strategy should extend beyond just increases in traffic. Google Analytics provides tools to determine the origin source of the traffic, as well as which content pieces get the most visits. Facebook shares, retweets, and requests for guest blogs can also show the success of a social media campaign. The most important measure for any business, of course, is how that content translates into qualified leads and paying customers.

Investing in Content Marketing

A recent report showed that more than 90 percent of all small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) have developed content marketing strategies. For the vast majority of those businesses, their investments have not yielded the returns on investment they initially envisioned. The problem arises more from how those businesses are spending their content marketing budget, rather than how much they’re spending. The chief task of a content marketing strategist should be to help those businesses spend smarter, not spend more.

Source: Business2Community

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