The practice of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) uses keywords to raise a site's ranking in major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. An effective SEO campaign can bring a site better traffic, more qualified visitors and higher conversion rates. Although SEO is a vital component to the success of any website, very few business owners understand how it works. The marketing team at Click Metrics has developed comprehensive SEO strategies to increase the visibility of our clients' sites.

What SEO Is (And Isn't)
Despite what some so-called “experts” may claim, SEO is not a “magic bullet”. Any firm that promises to put a site at the top of any search engine results page is a “black hat” SEO company, often running a con game on unsuspecting clients. These firms often use prohibited techniques, such as keyword spamming, that get their client sites banned from the search engine databases. The marketing teams at Click Metrics only use “white hat” techniques that comply with search engine rules.

How SEO Works
The most useful methods for SEO improvements involve the use of keywords. Keywords are the words that customers enter to search for a specific product or service. For instance, a user who types in the keywords “Houston emergency dentist” will receive listings for emergency dentists in Houston. The experienced SEO researchers at Click Metrics will consult with clients to determine the keywords that best describe the clients' business and develop methods to help users find the client sites.

Tools for SEO Success
The SEO teams at Click Metrics understand that a successful campaign requires more than jamming as many keywords into your website as possible. These staffers know that “content is king”, so they can develop plans to include more relevant and newsworthy content to your site. Our experts can teach you how to use blog posts, press releases, link baiting and other techniques to raise your credibility as well as your traffic.

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