The measure of success for any website is how well it converts visitors into customers. At Click Metrics, our teams of developers, designers and database architects can turn any business website from an electronic billboard into a revenue generator. Your company website determines how the whole world views you, so you must present the company in the best possible light. Our goal is to help you make that wonderful first impression that leads to the first (of many) sales.

Planning the Site
Before our skilled programmers write a single line of code, our business development experts will discuss with you the goals for your website. Many business owners forget that the website's mission is not to serve the company, but its customers. This thought process places the prospective customer first in every potential decision regarding website development. The Click Metrics teams keep these ideas in mind as we work with our clients.

Designing the Structure
After we create the plan, our teams go to work on bringing that plan to life. Teams of Click Metrics specialists work on every layer of the website: the presentation layer (graphics), the business layer (programming) and the data layer (database design). Graphic artists work with your logo, typeface and color schemes to create a clean, consistent, eye-catching look for the site. Database architects build tables and establish rules that allow users to access product data. Programmers feed the data to the presentation layer, display user-friendly content and enable e-commerce solutions.

Delivering the Results
When the site is ready to launch, the Click Metrics teams will assist with the implementation process. After the site's debut, the job is far from completed. Click Metrics will also take on search engine optimization (SEO) tasks to keep your site visible and accessible to users from around the world. We also provide consultation for online marketing plans, social media exposure and tracking visitors.

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