18 March 2016
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18 March 2016,

The success of a business web site relies on delivering high-quality content to current and potential customers. However, too many web site owners rely on the idea of building content, without looking at how to build an audience for that content. With all the efforts made to develop great content, those efforts amount to very little of no one sees it.

A major source of both increased traffic and higher search engine rankings comes from link building. Link building is the practice of finding sites willing to link to your content. These practices often carry little to no cost, but provide huge returns on investment.

Here are some hints on how to develop the best back links to your site.

DO Create Different Types of Content

While most sites concentrate on short articles, or “listlicles”, to draw traffic, other types of content can also provide sources for backlinks. Charts, graphs, and infographics display a wealth of information at a glance. Video clips can include product demonstrations, client testimonials, and sales presentations. Long-form text content can give visitors a deeper insight into your products, your company, and your industry.

DON’T Confuse Link Building With Social Media Shares

Although social media “buzz” can be very helpful in driving traffic, sharing links on social media does not serve the same purpose as link building. Social media shares give a temporary boost to your traffic as long as that buzz lasts. Link building creates a direct, long-lasting bond between the link source and the destination site. Link building also boosts a site’s ranking on the search engine results pages (SERPs), which can often draw more traffic than social media shares.

DO Get Backlinks From Quality Sources

A “quality” source for backlinks consists of a site that has a high reputation. A single backlink from a few high-quality sources can be as powerful as hundreds of links from lesser sources. Educational institutions, government agencies, and industry groups can all serve as reputable sources for backlinks. Media outlets, especially those with connections in your industry, can serve as some of the best sources for backlinks.

DON’T Buy Backlinks

In the “good old days” of business web sites, many companies offered to post links on their sites for a fee. Some firms still offer monthly subscriptions for backlinks. Not only do those low-quality sources often fail to yield higher traffic, today’s search engines actively punish sites that pay for backlinks. Google has reportedly penalized sites with paid backlinks to the extent that they don’t appear at the top of the first SERP page for their own name.

DO Promote Your Content To Quality Backlink Sources

How do you get backlinks to your site on those high-quality, highly-valuable sources? In many cases, you can simply ask for them. The best approach is to send your sought-after sources a query email, telling them about your content, and including a link for their review. The catch to this approach is that the content must be of such stellar quality that the source will be willing to have their site associated with yours.

DON’T “Gate” Your Content

Some companies have taken up the practice of offering “free” content in exchange for a user’s contact information. Most users see through this ruse and refuse to offer up their information. They understand the site owner’s objectives and fear getting unwanted email messages. When a site offers its best content without requiring users to pass through a “gate”, that content can get as many as 50 times more downloads. The free availability of this content will also encourage reputable sources to set up backlink arrangements.

Source: Forbes

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